Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blame It On The Rain

This morning, I set out with a new plan. Instead of exercising the dogs right before I go to work, I’m going to walk them first thing in the morning. Then I’ll get my shower out of the way so I’m not so rushed to get out the door later. Somehow, I know I'll still be late. During the afternoon walk, I keep running into people in the neighborhood which slows me down. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, but my goal is to keep a steady pace and actually get some benefit out of it. Plus they usually have dogs and we play the “let’s see if they’ll get along” game. They don’t.

Since moving to this neighborhood, I discovered the best way to walk the dogs is on the street because they aren't able to do their business. There’s no grass, no plants, nothing to sniff. Just concrete. It worked out pretty well for a few weeks but eventually they got to used to it and sometimes just couldn’t hold it. But it doesn’t happen often. Nevertheless, I started carrying a plastic bag just in case. But today, they both went in the yard and I thought, well, I won’t need it. Wrong.

Just as soon as I don’t bring it, Jack brings it. Right in the middle of the road. Not even close enough for me to kick it to the edge. I swear walking is like a laxative to that dog. On the Evansville riverfront, he used to leave a trail until he just couldn’t go anymore. So I should have known better. I usually drop off Bug before the last lap anyway, so I just picked up the bag and grabbed it on the next round. Someone else had left a present on the curb so I picked up that, too.

It was also raining during our little escapade. I glanced at the radar before I headed out and knew it was coming, but I thought we could beat it. But it wasn’t bad. It was actually kind of nice. As long as it’s not pouring or lightning, it’s refreshing. In fact, I saw a man walking with a cane in the rain. I don’t think he lives in the neighborhood. I saw him on the other side of the main road and I think he was just walking through them all.

It's almost Wednesday. Tomorrow is grocery day. I'm trying to gather my ads and coupons together for a smart shopping trip. Thursday is cleaning day. Not sure what to do with Friday yet. But I'm looking forward to it!


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sj said...

"I swear walking is like a laxative to that dog."

lol! that's hilarious! dogs are like kids - you have to be prepared for anything, but the second you let your guard down, they get you.