Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

You can become a morning person, if you're forced into it.
My most productive time is now between the hours of 6am-12pm.
After that, I'm pretty much worthless, especially on a Saturday night.
If I'm sitting at home, I doze off by 8pm.

You can learn to like coffee, just find the right sweetener.
I've learned Coffeemate does the trick, and I'm still trying out different flavors.
But I only drink coffee when I absolutely need it, like when I'm having a particularly difficult time waking up before work.
Don't want my teeth to get stained :)

You can enjoy quality time, but you have to decide what that means.
I'm trying to hang out more with P, B and J (Perry, Bug and Jack) and get back to my yoga, Just Dance 2 and Wii Fit... instead of trying to catch up with every single post on Facebook or dwelling on my job after hours.

You can enjoy some luxuries while staying true to your inner cheapskate.
I've recently splurged on a few items like a massage and a flat screen TV for the bedroom.
But I still love bargain finds at thrift stores and flea markets and clipping coupons.
I also searched high and low for affordable lodging near, not on, the beach in Florida.
Someday, I'll treat myself to an oceanside view :)

You may work the night shift, but you don't have to look like it.
I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.
Working the night shift gives me the excuse to slack in the style department.
So I try to dress up as much as possible to keep from slipping into the habit.
I even keep buying clothes and accessories that adhere to a professional dress code.
But if I'm just not feeling it, I can get by with a hoodie and jeans, no problem.

You can't do it all, just do your best.
This is the biggie.
I'm working more hours than I used to, and I have to do some tasks at home now.
Yet there's still housework to be done, dogs to be fed, bills to be paid, presents to be bought, family gatherings to attend... you get the picture.
I realize now if I get behind, I'll catch up.
Pretty quickly.
I'm kinda OCD like that.
And if I can't catch up, Perry helps out.
That's the beauty of it.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for some quality time on the couch.
With B and J.
'Cause P is at work :)