Sunday, April 10, 2016

At Home with Max

Max was one of the first dogs I met at the Humane Society of York County. The cute little guy reminded me of my terrier mix, Jack. I took Max to an adoption event early on, and I've walked him at the shelter several times since. Every time I go back, I think he'll be gone, that someone has taken him home. Alas, not yet. So I decided to break him out of there until that day arrives.

I've never taken a dog home without the intention of keeping him forever, so I wasn't sure what to expect. My concerns were the same, I'm sure, as anyone who plans to keep a dog in the house: accidents, barking and chewing. I'm happy to say, after spending a week with Max, he's been found not guilty on all three counts.

Max must have been potty trained at some point. I haven't seen him hike his leg on anything in the house, and that's the number one thing I look for in a male dog. He's enjoying the freedom of our fenced backyard immensely, but he also loves to be taken on walks. Just like my terrier mix, it's hard to totally wear him out, because he could go for miles.

Max loves to be outside, even if it's just to sit out on the deck. In the house, he wants to be near you most of the time, just like my pug, Gizmo. Max can also relax on his own if you need to do something without him. He goes in his crate with little problem, although he'd rather sleep in the bed with you or be free to roam around when you're gone. He doesn't make any fuss overnight, however, he does get quite excited when you come back to let him out of his cage.

Max gets along fairly well with my other two dogs, but he may do better in a home where he's the only pet. There have been a few scuffles, as to be expected, but it's only been a week. I'm sure, over time, everyone would get used to each other and things would be just dandy. My own dogs have spats from time to time, and they've been together for two years now.

Overall, Max is a sweet, loveable dog that anyone would be lucky to have. He'd be great for someone who's looking for a companion to just hang out with or go on adventures. Will you be the one to give him a "fur"ever home?

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