Friday, January 27, 2012

Kindle Under Fire

I'm not one to jump on the trend or tech bandwagon. When something is in style, I start wearing it about a year later. When a new gadget comes out, it takes me awhile to even get the first version. I save money this way, yes. But mainly it's just because I'm not with it. Ask my friends how long it took me to start texting.

I now have a Wii, a Tom Tom, an iPod, an iPhone and a Kindle. The e-reader is my most recent venture. I'm always trying to get myself back into books. I buy ones that interest me, but they often sit on the nightstand or end table for months. And my bookcase is a mess, I desperately need to reorganize it.

So I thought a Kindle or Nook would make me want to read and be ideal for trips, waiting rooms, etc. All those books and magazines in one little device that slips right into my purse. And though I'm not big on games, I enjoy Word Search which I used to work on at my grandma's house. Point is, I believed I could put an e-reader to good use, but I didn't want to break the bank just to feed the urge.

I was kicking around the idea of buying a Kindle instead of a Nook because from what I'd read, Amazon has a larger selection than Barnes and Noble. Then when I saw the basic Kindle was down to $79, it was a no brainer. I didn't have to spend that much (compared to $199 and up) to get a new toy.

But when I made my mind up to buy one, I was presented with too many options. The basic Kindle, the Kindle with the keyboard, the Kindle Touch and the ever popular Kindle Fire. I went to Staples, where I first got confused, then Target. I figured I'd take advantage of my 5% RedCard discount.

The Kindle Fire wasn't on display at either store, but at least at Target I could see the box locked up in the case. Oh, it was pretty. Pretty tempting. Color display, apps, music, videos, movies...oh yeah, and books. I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself into buying it. I came really close to giving in to temptation and forking over the extra dough for all those bells and whistles. Really close. Might as well, right?

But then I reminded myself why I wanted a Kindle in the first place. For reading. Not for apps, music, videos and movies. I have devices for those things. Why did I need another? Plus, I liked the size of the first Kindle. It was small and would tuck away neatly in a bag or pocketbook. I also liked the cover for it. Just a simple black case that folded back when you were reading. The other covers were bulky with snaps or strings to keep them in place.

So I bought the basic Kindle. In the next few days, I regretted my decision. Anyone I talked to about it said, "Oh, did you get the Kindle Fire?" No. Why didn't I? Am I crazy for buying the original version of something that's evolved several times since? But I let the anxiety subside and now I'm thrilled with it. Besides, I don't have to do what everybody else does.

Yes, the touch screen would come in handy since I'm now used to it with the iPhone. Yes, the color display would make me feel like I'm not watching a black and white TV. However, the size, simplicity and affordability is what I was after. And that's what I got.

Of course, I'm not ruling out a Kindle Fire in the future. Although I did try out my co-worker's and it seemed pretty bulky. But I figure if I do take the plunge, I could fill up the basic one with free books and give it to my mom who is an avid reader. I'd have to teach her how to use it though. She's nowhere near jumping on the tech bandwagon. 


Monday, January 23, 2012

Dog Days

It began a little more than a week ago. We got home late from our friend's going away party to find some nice, little presents in the hallway. #1 and #2. Naturally, we blamed Jack. Although after giving it some thought the next day, I realized Jack never makes that much of a mess. But I didn't think much more of it.

Until Sunday. We were recovering from our second party of the weekend when Bug got off the couch and crept behind it. All of a sudden, I heard what sounded like trickling water from the faucet. BUG! He was letting it go right there behind the chair. It was then I knew something was seriously wrong. This dog has been potty trained for years and we had taken him outside not too long before.

Off we went to the vet on Monday. The doctor took some blood and said he would call soon with the results. I called back the next morning to check, nothing yet. And not knowing made me think the worst. I just knew Bug's kidneys were failing and I was going to have to put him down. And I couldn't bear the thought. Meanwhile, we were still dealing with his incontinence in the hallway. He was particular fond of that spot he already marked on the carpet.

Wednesday, the doctor had some results. He said Bug's kidneys were okay, but there was a chance of diabetes and a thyroid issue. But, of course, more tests needed to be done. At the time, I was just thankful his kidneys were functioning properly. On Friday, I got the final call that Bug did indeed have diabetes and we need to start insulin shots. His thyroid was okay.

So that's where we are now. Bug's been getting 2 shots a day since Friday. He's also got diabetic food that we're working in with the old food until he gets used to it. Pmo and I were nervous about giving him the shots (and Bug doesn't like it too much either) but it's actually going pretty well. His incontinence is supposed to ease up in a few weeks.

I was able to wake up and take him out in the middle of the night over the weekend. Not sure if I'm easier to wake up than Pmo or if it's because of my normal schedule. But Bug had yet another accident last night while I was at work, so it's obviously still a problem. I lay out potty training pads over towels in that same spot he likes, but he doesn't have very good aim. Or he just doesn't want to go on them. He's stubborn, that Bug.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Muppets Take Lamasco

I've given my fair share of goodbyes over the years. At the end of high school, I don't think I fully realized I wasn't going to see my friends as much anymore. I mean, most of us had been in the exact same place doing the exact same things for nearly 20 years. It was kind of hard to imagine any other way. And I was more than ready to leave town.

By the time I was bidding farewell in college, I knew exactly what I was in for. No more roommates. No more late night runs to Taco Bell or Walmart. We were all moving on to the next phase of our lives which included careers, marriage and children, and didn't include each other. At least not as much.

This weekend, we said goodbye to two of our good friends who are moving to Cincinnati. She's moving up to a bigger market within the company, and he's looking forward to better job opportunities in his field. In the past five years, we've grown pretty close to this couple and shared some great times together. They have family here, so it's not like we'll never see them again. In fact, we have dinner plans in two weeks. But as she tearfully told me Friday night, it will never be the same.

My friend has given me inspiration to consider a life beyond where I am now. It's not that I'm unhappy. Actually, I'm pretty damn content. Which is the problem, I think. Getting too comfortable means not branching out and trying new things. Even if you fail. And what's the fun in that? How do you know what's out there if you don't look around? I could have a life that's ten times more awesome than it is now. But I'll never know unless I try.

At this point, I feel I need to explain the title of this post: The Muppets Take Lamasco. 
Part one: Lamasco. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it on this blog a time or two, but if you don't know, it's a bar we used to frequent. But since another owner took over (that whole pesky change thing again) it just hasn't been the same. But for the going-away festivities, we decided to try it one more time. And it really did feel like the old days. Everyone had a great time.

Part two: The Muppets. Like any child of the late 70s and early 80s, I grew up watching Kermit, Miss Piggy and the whole gang. In most of their movies, they had to go their separate ways, but they would always come back together for some reason. Like in "The Muppets Take Manhattan". Click on this link and you'll understand. You also might cry: 

Those crazy puppets give me inspiration, too. Sometimes you choose change, and other times change chooses you. But it's good. It's necessary. And there's always that hope that something will bring you together again. Love you guys.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Morning Glory

What a difference a year makes.
Tuesday is my 1 year anniversary as executive producer of 14 News Sunrise.

Not only that, but next month marks my 8th year at 14 WFIE.
And this fall, I will have been in the news business for 10 years.

It's hard for me to believe that I've done anything for 10 years.
I've had Bug for nearly 11 years and that still blows my mind.

Am I where I thought I would be at 33?
I'm not sure.
I didn't have any idea where I was going to end up.
So how would I know if I'm in the right spot?

Here's what I do know:
The past year has been quite an adventure.
I don't think I realized when I took on this challenge just what it would do to me.

It has made me cry.
It has made me excited.
It has made me think.
It has made me proud.
It has made me ANGRY!
What a shock.

But most of all, it's made me appreciate what I have.
I have a career, not just a job.
I have goals and a focus.
I have money in the bank.
I have a fairly flexible schedule.
And the ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, anyhow.