Monday, January 23, 2012

Dog Days

It began a little more than a week ago. We got home late from our friend's going away party to find some nice, little presents in the hallway. #1 and #2. Naturally, we blamed Jack. Although after giving it some thought the next day, I realized Jack never makes that much of a mess. But I didn't think much more of it.

Until Sunday. We were recovering from our second party of the weekend when Bug got off the couch and crept behind it. All of a sudden, I heard what sounded like trickling water from the faucet. BUG! He was letting it go right there behind the chair. It was then I knew something was seriously wrong. This dog has been potty trained for years and we had taken him outside not too long before.

Off we went to the vet on Monday. The doctor took some blood and said he would call soon with the results. I called back the next morning to check, nothing yet. And not knowing made me think the worst. I just knew Bug's kidneys were failing and I was going to have to put him down. And I couldn't bear the thought. Meanwhile, we were still dealing with his incontinence in the hallway. He was particular fond of that spot he already marked on the carpet.

Wednesday, the doctor had some results. He said Bug's kidneys were okay, but there was a chance of diabetes and a thyroid issue. But, of course, more tests needed to be done. At the time, I was just thankful his kidneys were functioning properly. On Friday, I got the final call that Bug did indeed have diabetes and we need to start insulin shots. His thyroid was okay.

So that's where we are now. Bug's been getting 2 shots a day since Friday. He's also got diabetic food that we're working in with the old food until he gets used to it. Pmo and I were nervous about giving him the shots (and Bug doesn't like it too much either) but it's actually going pretty well. His incontinence is supposed to ease up in a few weeks.

I was able to wake up and take him out in the middle of the night over the weekend. Not sure if I'm easier to wake up than Pmo or if it's because of my normal schedule. But Bug had yet another accident last night while I was at work, so it's obviously still a problem. I lay out potty training pads over towels in that same spot he likes, but he doesn't have very good aim. Or he just doesn't want to go on them. He's stubborn, that Bug.


Amy said...

Some advice- clean the spot where he first went very well. It's possible he's still using the spot because he can smell it. I don't know if you have carpet or wood- if it's carpet, a good steam cleaning might be in order. There's products like Natures Miracle which will get rid of the odor and might help him. If the incontinence continues- you might consider doggie diapers. Dr's Foster & Smith sells them, I'm sure other places like Petsmart do too. I am SO glad it's something 'manageable' rather than something that would force you to make that unthinkable decision. I did have to chuckle at 'they said they'd call soon, so I called them the next morning'. Been there. Done that. My dogs are my children, as I know yours are to you.

Talina said...

Vinegar works wonders to clean the pet scent and when it fully drys it wont smell like vinegar or dog mess anymore to the doggies.

Also, poor BUG :( Doggie diabetes? Who knew?

Sunni said...

Still thinking of you and Bugaboo! I hope his accidents ease up soon. And I'm so glad to hear that the shots are going better than expected. After watching the video of you clipping his toenails, I was expecting the worst.

I love you! Hang in there! :)

PS. I second the vinegar suggestion. It works wonders!