Friday, January 27, 2012

Kindle Under Fire

I'm not one to jump on the trend or tech bandwagon. When something is in style, I start wearing it about a year later. When a new gadget comes out, it takes me awhile to even get the first version. I save money this way, yes. But mainly it's just because I'm not with it. Ask my friends how long it took me to start texting.

I now have a Wii, a Tom Tom, an iPod, an iPhone and a Kindle. The e-reader is my most recent venture. I'm always trying to get myself back into books. I buy ones that interest me, but they often sit on the nightstand or end table for months. And my bookcase is a mess, I desperately need to reorganize it.

So I thought a Kindle or Nook would make me want to read and be ideal for trips, waiting rooms, etc. All those books and magazines in one little device that slips right into my purse. And though I'm not big on games, I enjoy Word Search which I used to work on at my grandma's house. Point is, I believed I could put an e-reader to good use, but I didn't want to break the bank just to feed the urge.

I was kicking around the idea of buying a Kindle instead of a Nook because from what I'd read, Amazon has a larger selection than Barnes and Noble. Then when I saw the basic Kindle was down to $79, it was a no brainer. I didn't have to spend that much (compared to $199 and up) to get a new toy.

But when I made my mind up to buy one, I was presented with too many options. The basic Kindle, the Kindle with the keyboard, the Kindle Touch and the ever popular Kindle Fire. I went to Staples, where I first got confused, then Target. I figured I'd take advantage of my 5% RedCard discount.

The Kindle Fire wasn't on display at either store, but at least at Target I could see the box locked up in the case. Oh, it was pretty. Pretty tempting. Color display, apps, music, videos, movies...oh yeah, and books. I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself into buying it. I came really close to giving in to temptation and forking over the extra dough for all those bells and whistles. Really close. Might as well, right?

But then I reminded myself why I wanted a Kindle in the first place. For reading. Not for apps, music, videos and movies. I have devices for those things. Why did I need another? Plus, I liked the size of the first Kindle. It was small and would tuck away neatly in a bag or pocketbook. I also liked the cover for it. Just a simple black case that folded back when you were reading. The other covers were bulky with snaps or strings to keep them in place.

So I bought the basic Kindle. In the next few days, I regretted my decision. Anyone I talked to about it said, "Oh, did you get the Kindle Fire?" No. Why didn't I? Am I crazy for buying the original version of something that's evolved several times since? But I let the anxiety subside and now I'm thrilled with it. Besides, I don't have to do what everybody else does.

Yes, the touch screen would come in handy since I'm now used to it with the iPhone. Yes, the color display would make me feel like I'm not watching a black and white TV. However, the size, simplicity and affordability is what I was after. And that's what I got.

Of course, I'm not ruling out a Kindle Fire in the future. Although I did try out my co-worker's and it seemed pretty bulky. But I figure if I do take the plunge, I could fill up the basic one with free books and give it to my mom who is an avid reader. I'd have to teach her how to use it though. She's nowhere near jumping on the tech bandwagon. 


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Amy said...

I waited quite a while too, to buy an e-reader. For me, it was a debate about books vs e-books. Then I saw how much room traditional books were taking up in my suitcase when I travel- adding weight and limiting my space for shopping treasures. So I bought a Nook Color (which is now pretty much a Nook Tablet). I researched and felt the Nook was better for me, plus- my Mom can buy me gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and she doesn't shop on Amazon. I don't know who has more books- but there are so many out there now I won't get them all read anyway! Glad you are enjoying your Kindle!