Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Weekend

The weekend began with a nice breakfast and aspirations for the new Goodwill store in Boonville. I bought a different kind of turkey bacon last week and it did not live up to its potential so it’s back to Butterball this week. Anyway, we headed out for Boonville and found the store with ease. It was nicely organized and we each found a few items to take home. Pmo got a shirt and a hat and I got a purse, 3 shirts, and some home d├ęcor which I still haven’t put up on the walls yet.
While we were in the area, Pmo suggested we check out Scales Lake Park. We also found it very easily. We paid the $2 entrance fee to check out the place for trails and what not. And almost as soon as we entered, we found a little petting zoo full of goats, sheep, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, all sorts of things. I fell in love with a little black baby goat. It was so tiny! And the peacock was just beautiful. It was on a perch letting its feathers cascade almost down to the ground. I told Pmo the feathers were as long as Crystal Gayle’s hair.

We continued on to check out the park and found the campground, cabins, and the lake. There’s a beach for waterfront activities along with swings and picnic tables. We also saw a dock with a few small boats attached to it. We drove around the lake to find a few trail entrances and then the road came to a dead end so we had to turn around to get out. We’d like to take the dogs next time and check out the
trails but some of them looked pretty steep!

We came back to our house and rested for awhile before we headed out to the west side for a cookout. It was a good time. Burgers, brats, and a fire pit which we all gathered around after dark. It reminded me of my visits to another couple’s house during my first years working in Evansville. I don’t talk to them much anymore and I miss them.

Sunday was a bit more sporadic. We decided to visit the Goodwill in Henderson because it’s been awhile since we’d been over there. Plus they have a whole separate room for furniture and trinkets. We didn’t find anything worth buying so we came back across the river and went to the Goodwill on Green River Road which also has furniture. I chose a grocery recycling bag to add to my collection and a black and pink tote bag from Deaconess Breast Center. I love those kind of bags because you know someone instantly tossed it just because it has a business logo on it. I don’t care what it says. Those bags are perfectly useful. Pmo also found an overnight bag to take home.

After we got back to the house, we grabbed the dogs and headed to the Newburgh Lock and Dam for a walk. We explored the big open field and ended up following a little trail down by the river. We saw some people fishing off the bank, too. It was a pretty good hike. After we got home, I opened the windows up in the living room and kitchen and proceeded to make the beef stroganoff I’d been thinking about all week. Pmo did some yard work and raked up some leaves for us to bag later. Supper was okay. I don’t think I’ll make it again. I kept smelling the mustard that the recipe called for while I was cooking and while I was eating, too. Finally we settled in to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” and once again, the weekend was over.

There was also a casualty over the weekend. One of our kitchen chairs bit the dust. Pmo said it wasn’t fixable and kicked it to the curb. Luckily, it didn’t break while one of us was in it. I just noticed it was leaning terribly. But it made me said when I saw it with the trash yesterday morning. We got the kitchen table and two chairs in the alley behind my old house for free. And Pmo recovered both chairs with new fabric soon after. I guess I’m more attached than I thought. It’s just a chair! A cold, metal folding chair is replacing it for now.

Whew! This was a long blog. I’ll save my red nail polish blunder and my newfound craving for a white purse and a green purse for later this week. Here are some more pictures from Scales Lake.

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Talina said...

Ha! I love the slide picture. Looks like you guys had a freaking blast. Yay for you!

How is Bug? Enjoying the doggie treats I hope.