Monday, March 2, 2009

Roll On

Pmo and I are patting ourselves on the back after completing our bathroom project. We were able to start painting after breakfast Saturday morning. I took aim with the roller while worked with a brush along the edges and other places I couldn't get to with my equipment. He is an artist after all. After the first coat, we headed outside to cut and load firewood to take to a co-worker's house. It was about a 30-45 minute drive because the truck was weighed down and we couldn't go very fast. But it took no time to unload the wood and, of course, I had to make friends with their dogs which included 2 pugs.

Before we knew it, we were off and rolling again. We'd been playing phone tag all morning with some friends of ours who were moving, but when we finally connected, they didn't need our help anymore. So we checked out a few potential locations for our reception and ended up at Kohl's and Target to shop for bathroom accessories. We bought a shower curtain and some towels. The motif went from pink and blue to green and brown. I can't stand for things not to match, especially if I've put a lot of work into it.

We were getting very hungry by this point because we'd only had breakfast and a snack all day. So when we got home, we scarfed down another snack before we started painting the second coat. Once that was finished, I fixed supper: steaks, baked potatoes, cornbread, and corn on the cob. As Pmo says, you could butter just about everything. While waiting for the paint to dry, we watched a movie and ended up peeling off the tape in the bathroom sometime after 9pm. We started to put the necessities back in place and called it a night.

Sunday started, like usual, with breakfast and the newspaper. We had finished the bathroom ahead of schedule so there wasn't much to do besides tidy up and put the towel rack back. So Pmo worked in the garage while I did dishes and piddled around the house. We also got up early so the day seemed very long. By about 1pm, we had lunch and were looking for something to do. We didn't really want to venture out and spend any more money so he ended up taking a nap while I read a book. Late afternoon, we got into another "straighten up stuff" mood and after that had a nice spaghetti dinner with brownies. The weekend wrapped up with "Celebrity Apprentice" and the Dice man making his exit.

Here are the before and after pictures of the bathroom. The "before" is when we first looked at the house last July. You may not be able to tell too much from it, but there's wallpaper on the left wall, and behind the pink swag curtain above the shower is some sort of faux tile creation. The other walls were what Pmo called, "flesh colored." Now the walls are all green and we have beige towels that go with the shower curtain. There's also flecks of brown in the countertop so I think it all meshes well. I have nothing on the walls yet. That will change soon.


Tricia said...

The Layout is good
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sj said...

it looks great! congrats on a job well done!

Talina said...

I would love to find a place that just needed some cosmetic touch ups, problem is every place we see needs walls ripped out or expansions done in order to make it something we like... *sigh*

Laura Ousley said...

Wow, looks great. I really like your new shower curtain.