Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Go-Getter

Found it! The green purse like the lady's at Goodwill. I went to 2 CVS stores yesterday and both had a few left but only one had the mean green. I had to ask a worker to get it down for me because it was hanging on an arch above the carts. Not sure why they were made so difficult to get to. I don't know whether I'll take it to work today. I like my brown Goodwill purchase that I'm currently using very much. I just had to have this green purse for some reason. Bonus: it was only $12 and some change even though the tag said $14.99. I think the boy gave me a CVS discount even though I don't have a card.

Do you ever feel you don't fully utilize all the rooms in your home? Our house is not huge by any means, but it's got three bedrooms. One is ours, one is for guests, and one is the stuff room. Pmo is in the stuff room more than I am because he does his bills in there plus a lot of his personal stuff is in there including his stereo and CDs. I'd like to make it a game room, too, if we ever get another TV and a gaming system. But my point is, I don't spend much time in those rooms. I only go back to get a movie and come right back to the living room. But since we put the futon in the stuff room, I have lied down on it a time or two to talk on the phone. Bug likes the futon, too, because it's close to the ground and easy for him to jump up on. To nap, of course.

Interesting sight I found today while I was walking down the hallway. Jack lying on the bed, something he knows he's not supposed to do. But he likes to sneak off and do it anyway. He reluctantly agrees to "get down" when you tell him. Little Dog Bored should be his Indian name.
We have a few busy weekends ahead of us so I'm hoping we can relax this weekend. Next weekend, my college track and field friends are coming in for a luncheon. The next weekend is Easter which we're going to spend with some of Pmo's family. The next weekend is part of our vacation so we'll be out of town. And the next weekend is Dogwood Days in Perry County so we'll probably join my mom and grandma for yummy chicken dinners up at Rome. Tonight and tomorrow, there's a chance of severe weather so I'm not really looking forward to that. Maybe I should keep that green purse home after all. Don't want to ruin my newfound treasure!

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Anonymous said...

so, part of our "vacation", eh? you'll be getting plenty of questions you know.......