Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm feeling much better today because I did not allow Bug to be x-rayed. I got to the vet's office this morning at 8am (ugh) and talked to the ladies at the front desk about it. I asked some questions, got some prices, and wasn't thrilled with any of it. I've had a bad feeling about it ever since they said they would have to sedate him, especially since he has gotten better in the past few days. They said I could just have the doctor examine him (which is what I wanted in the first place but they told me he needed x-rays) so I made an appointment for an hour and a half later. While I was killing time eating a McGriddle and talking to Pmo on the phone, I decided to forget the whole thing, cancelled the appointment, and headed home. We're going to try a home remedy: spreading out his exercise routine into shorter but more frequent walks and keep giving him the joint health supplements. And love on him just a little bit more :)

So now I can get excited about the weekend. No huge plans or anything. The Goodwill Store in Boonville opened today so we plan on jetting over there on Saturday for newfound treasure. That evening, we're going to visit friends from work for a cookout at their new place. Other than that, I plan on making an attempt on beef stroganoff for Sunday supper and that's about it. I got that wedding task taken care of today, so unless I sleep in tomorrow, I'm open to many possiblities in the morning. I shall consult the to-do list.
Did you know a large Diet Coke from McDonald's will make you go to the bathroom 4 times by the time you're done drinking it? I learned that this morning. Looks tasty and refreshing, doesn't it?

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Rachel said...

Oh, how I love a large scale Manny's Diet Coke in the morn.