Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

Pmo and I started the weekend off with breakfast Saturday morning and spent most of the day working around the house doing odd jobs here and there. I was extremely tired for some reason so I had to drag myself out of the recliner and get motivated to get anything done. By late afternoon, we had a severe weather threat so we were watching the skies and the TV. We received a little hail and a lot of rain but nothing major.

Around 7:30pm, we headed out for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s not one of our regular restaurants so it was a real treat. I enjoyed Rocky Top Chicken while Pmo devoured a steak and a sweet baked potato. Afterwards, we headed to The Fox and Hound Pub for some drinks with some of Pmo’s college friends that were in town. After a few rounds, we decided to try our luck at our regular bar, Lamasco. The four of us headed from the east side to the west side and were lucky enough to get a table. Pmo and I each sang a song and we called it a night around 2:30pm which is really late for us.

On Sunday, we slept in and had more of a brunch than breakfast. There was nothing we really had to do that day but we like to get out on the weekends even if it’s just for a little while. So we ran some errands at Ace Hardware and Buehler’s. Then we hit the Goodwill again to check out some chairs because one of our kitchen chairs bit the dust last weekend. We didn’t find any chairs but I found another purse and grocery recycling bag with IU on it. I can’t quit buying handbags for some reason. We also visited some consignment shops in Washington Square Mall. But their stuff is way too pricey in there.

We were getting hungry again so we grabbed some Noble Roman breadsticks at the mall and headed home. We got interrogated by the woman behind the counter. I don’t know if she’s just talkative or she’s working by herself and bored, but she was asking us how many people were going to eat the breadsticks, and why didn’t we want any sauces, and are we going to have them with dinner. Craziness. Just give me the bags of bread.

I didn’t eat all of my Rocky Top Chicken from the night before, so we split that for lunch, added the breadsticks, and got pretty full. We did some more tasks around the house and decided not to fix dinner and just snack the rest of the night. We enjoyed the “Celebrity Apprentice” for a few hours and fresh brownies out of the oven with ice cream. I stayed up to watch “House” at 11pm and now it’s Monday.

My college friends are coming in this weekend so I’ve got to clean the house and go the grocery store. It’s also payday tomorrow so that means I'll be catching up on bills. Here's to a busy week!


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sj said...

who's coming to visit? your throwing buddies? i hope you have a great time! miss you.