Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts a Plenty

Time flies when you're having fun. Or just busy. I swear, I cross things off the to-do list just to think of more tasks to add on. Little, tedious things along with some big ones.

This weekend, I'm heading to Louisville for a get together with a couple of my cousins. It should be a fun time. We plan on doing a little shopping, having a nice dinner, then vegging out. It's been awhile since I've been out of town. Well, what I consider to be out of town. I don't count going to Mom and Dad's which probably happens a couple times a month.

Our storm debris was finally picked up this week. Strangely, it's very exciting for us. We had to pay for someone to haul it away last time. So it's a real treat for the mess to be gone and the grass to have a chance to grow again. Very brown.

Bug is doing better. I've been giving him the joint health supplements daily and he seems to be acting like his old self. Jack was almost able to attack a squirrel this morning because he got loose from me. But I guess I yelled at him enough that he knew better and stopped.

Taxes are done. Both Pmo and I are awaiting our refunds and trying to decide what to do with them. I'm still hoping to save all of mine but we'll see what happens when the checks are in my hands.

We've changed reception plans again. We're going to have a small cookout at our house with immediate family and close friends. We weren't finding a shelter we liked, plus the enormity of the whole thing was stressing us out so I came around to Pmo's original idea. The weight has been lifted.

I'm rethinking my wedding dress for some reason. It's a champagne color and I'm wondering if I should have went with a lighter color like cream or ivory. I may start looking again. I can always wear the one I bought to other occasions.

I finally got to watch "Mamma Mia" this week. It made me dig out my ABBA Gold CD.

I styled my hair differently day. I pulled it back with bobby pins on top of my head. I got a few compliments on it. I just wanted a change.

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