Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm sitting at the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon trying to decide my next move. I've accomplished several tedious tasks already but still have a lot more on my mind.

I need to:

do the dishes and sweep the kitchen floor. again.
organize my clothes and shoes and get out a spring wardrobe.
take the motorcycle for a spin and try out the new battery.
walk the dogs.
hang a few pictures in the bathroom.
look for more decor in the garage loft.
take the aluminum cans out to the garage.
bring in a new bag to fill up again.
watch the weather which may affect activities on this list.
make the bed with recently washed sheets.
take a shower.
make dinner. later of course.
watch the Apprentice.

But being on the internet doesn't get any of things checked off my to-do list. So I will log off now. However, I think writing out what I need to do will help me remember! In fact, I think I'll jot them down on a post it note while I'm at it.

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