Friday, March 6, 2009

Days Dilemma

I'm a fan of Days of our Lives. I'm not home at night to watch American Idol or Grey's Anatomy or any other shows that may be popular. I don't have a DVR and I gave up on VCR recording a long time ago. Besides, if I'm recording a show, how's Pmo supposed to watch a movie when he's home? So my show is a soap opera. It's on every day at noon and it's always new. I miss it occasionally if I have something important to do but most of the time I have a front row seat in the recliner with my lunch. I started watching it in college thanks to my junior year roommate. I grew up watching All My Children and One Life to Live so I'm no stranger to the midday drama.

But something bugs me about Days. I know Salem is a small town and all. But why does Max Brady only date his relatives? Okay, technically he's adopted, but still. I don't know of a family who would allow an uncle to date his niece even if they're not blood related. It's creepy! Both Stephanie and Chelsea are his nieces from my vantage point. And he goes back and forth between them. Can we not find another love interest for Max in Salem? Even when they brought in a new girl, it was Max's real sister. He didn't date her, thank goodness.

Does this bother anyone else? Probably not because no one is home during the day to watch soaps but me. I have peeked in on One Life to Live a time or two but I haven't got wrapped up in it yet. Plus it's on at 1pm and I have to leave for work by at least 1:40pm. Not really worth diving into.


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