Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

I did some nesting yesterday. I gave the dogs baths and their monthly pills. I brushed their teeth and clipped their nails. None of that was easy, by the way. Then I swept the bathroom and kitchen floors and vacuumed for as long as I could before the thing crapped out on me. But my point is, I felt better afterwards. Getting the house in order, my order anyway, is a great feeling. When I got home Sunday evening, I just did the bare minimum and of course Pmo and the dogs had messed up the place a bit. It just feels good to get things back in order. Except when I unpacked, I discovered I left my razors in Louisville.

I had to push back the vet visit because of company that came in today and took me to lunch. I think Bug and I are going to make the trek to the west side tomorrow. Which means grocery shopping, another favorite activity of mine, gets pushed back to Thursday. I'm hoping the vet bill won't be too bad and the doctor can figure out what's wrong with Bug and make him better. I took both dogs on a walk this morning and Bug hung in there. He didn't really want to go but I thought exercise might help him.

I'm really happy to know people are actually reading my blog. I checked the counter this afternoon and I think at least 30 people had logged on. Sweet! I feel loved.

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sj said...

i check in every, single day! i love my mitzi...and it makes me feel like i'm not missing out on so much of your life b/c i live 3 hrs away.

btw - how do you check the counter? i've tried to find it and can't seem to locate it. any help, blog wizard?