Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something to Talk About

I've been trying to come up with something to blog about since Tuesday and nothing's really hit me. Yesterday, I spent way too much money on groceries and dwindled my checking account. I can always "borrow" from savings, but I'm going to try like hell to live off whatI have for the next week and a half. Today, I cleaned the house. Well, mostly tidying up and arranging things. We had a severe weather threat at work but that blew over with some flash flooding and lots of rain. There were several tornado warnings though. I only took one, maybe two hate calls complaining about why we were on TV so long. And hell, most of it covered our 5pm newscast and not some precious program so what are you bitching about?

Tomorrow, I think I can take it easy. I'll go over my menu for Saturday's cookout and get ready to host my friends. I have to remember to pull out the photo album I made awhile back of all of us. I also need to finish up laundry I started today. That's it. Not much excitement in my world right now.


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