Monday, February 2, 2009


This was written this morning at home. I posted it when I got to work.

Our power is out. Again. This is the third or fourth time since the ice storm. But I’m not complaining. I know many people out there have been without electricity and water for days now. We’re lucky. But it still sucks. Especially when you’ve had power on for awhile and then it’s gone. So I decided to have some guilty pleasures for breakfast to ease my struggle: Diet Coke with cream cheese and crackers.

My computer will work as long as the battery holds out. Looks like I have 39 minutes left. I have a battery powered radio on so at least I have some entertainment. The dogs don’t care. They’re curled up on the couch. We had another power outage yesterday. 2 minutes after I finished fixing food for the Super Bowl. I don’t think we even saw the first play and all of a sudden down it went. So the first 45 minutes of the game were spent eating chicken wings, lil’ smokies, pizza rolls, and tortilla chips with cheese and salsa by candlelight. We listened to the game on the radio, but of course we couldn’t see the commercials. The power kicked back on about 45 minutes later, but we were holding our breath, waiting for it go out again. But it didn’t. Until now.

It’s really not that big of deal, just annoying. We went searching for alternate heat after the first outage last week so we have a propane heater if it gets too cold. We should still have enough hot water for a shower, but I can’t blow dry my hair. That means I’ll be headbanding it to work which is not pretty. But what can I do about it? Not much. My biggest concern is my refrigerator. I bought a bunch of groceries yesterday and I’d hate to lose them all. But the last outage was only 45 minutes so hopefully this will be similar.

28 minutes left on the computer. The rest of my weekend was pretty fun. I went home Friday to pick up Mom for the Toby Keith concert. We met Pmo at Pizza Chef for the Friday night buffet, then Mom and I made our way to Roberts Stadium. We didn’t get there as early as last time so I had trouble finding a parking spot. Plus they had snow piled up so not all the spaces were available. But we got settled, enjoyed the show, and soon were back in the parking lot waiting for someone to let us out. We got back to my house before midnight.

Saturday, I took Mom home and got back to my house in the afternoon. Pmo and I made dinner then watched “Anchorman” on TV. We drank some daiquiris and a bottle of wine and called it a night. Next day, Pmo cleaned up our kitchen mess from the night before while I straightened up the living room and read the Sunday newspaper. It really warmed up and the sun came out so we had some pretty good melting going on outside. I ended up spending way too much at the grocery store and came home with several bags of food. That brings us up to the Super Bowl power outage mentioned above.

18 minutes left. I was thinking about catching up on some reading this morning and I guess I have no choice now. I saw a truck come through with a plow on our street earlier but it didn't do much. The street was a sheet of ice up until yesterday. It’s not completely clear, but it’s thawed a lot. I have 11 minutes left so I guess I’ll shut down and post this when I get to work. Meanwhile, I’ll go find something read, curl up in a blanket, and hope I don’t have to go to work with limp locks.

The power came back on after 1 hour and 15 minutes. I was able to get ready for work and watch "Days of Our Lives" like normal. Ah, the joys of electricity.

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