Monday, February 9, 2009

5 Year Itch

Last Monday marked my 5 year anniversary at 14 WFIE. It doesn't seem like a lengthy period compared to other people who have been there for so long. But it's the longest time I've ever spent at a job. I think that says something in this day and age when people tend to climb the corporate ladder a little quicker and switch companies on the way up.

My friend and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about our careers and finances. We see our other friends getting promoted with new titles and raises. Or going after all the glory and green they can get as they race their way to the top. But she and I are content to stay where we are. We feel lucky to even have jobs right now and the stability that goes along with them. We decided it must boil down to personality types. The aggressive types seem to make the big bucks while the passive settle for making ends meet.

I think I've written about this before, but for me to move up, I'd have to aspire to be a news director or move to a bigger market. I choose neither of those options and I doubt I ever will. I wouldn't mind getting out of the news business if I could find something I'm qualified for that would pay the same or more. Wouldn't it be lovely to not ever have to hear a scanner again? The answer is a definite yes.

We're judged by others on how much money we make, what kind of house we live in, and what kind of relationships we have. But sometimes I pass judgment on myself. Why don't I want to move to a bigger city and further my career? Why don't I try to find a job outside the news? I guess I'm not disgruntled enough. Actually, I'm pretty happy with my job, my home, and my life. So why do I feel guilty for being content? What is the pursuit of happiness all about? Is anyone listening?

"Look at us now, we’re all grown up
We got it all together, got it all sewn up
But is this all, it all was leading to
Did we just run out of dreams when all our dreams came true?"
-"Love on a Rooftop" by Desmond Child

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super jane said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with being content where you are. we aren't all meant to be at the top anyway. i'm glad you're happy; that's all that really matters.