Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rage Against the Beans

Commericals obviously have the intention of selling you a product. And maybe they do persuade me to buy something without my being aware of it. But mostly I just think they're funny. I love the Nextel spots where the firefighters and roadies run the world. And the delivery people that reroute the kid to detention. Even the Mr. Bill/Mastercard commercials deserve a chuckle.

But there's one that makes me start yelling at the TV every time it comes on: Bush's Baked Beans. You know, the one with the "Chili Changer?" The woman brings plates to the table and says, "Sandwich?" The man says, "On a cold day?" Of course, there's snow blowing out the window to show how cold it is. Then the "Chili Changer" transforms the crappy sandwich to a delicious bowl of chili. I think the man even says something like, "That's what I was wanting!"

Each time it airs, I end up screaming: "If you don't want a sandwich, then fix something else your damn self!" I guess it's the housewife anger in me. Granted, it doesn't take much time or effort to make a sandwich. It's not like she slaved over it all day. But she's made sure he has something to eat, and the ungrateful slob rejects it? Why doesn't he get his butt in the kitchen and whip up a nice pot of chili? What a tool.

But on the other hand, she seems happy that there's now magical chili on the table in front of her, so maybe I'm getting upset over nothing. But am I the only one who's bothered by this? I'm fine with that, if that's the case. I was just wondering if anyone else had rage against the beans.

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