Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Sunday was our 6 month anniversary of being homeowners. It also marked yet another weekend we spent outside cleaning up a mess in the yard. This time it was the ice storm damage which is now prominently displayed by the curb. Before that, we spent several weekends raking and bagging leaves. And of course, there was Hurricane Ike that came through about a month after we moved in, which required pulling down a huge tree branch, cutting it up, and transporting it to the front.

On Saturday, we pretty much wore ourselves out in a hurry. Pmo cut the big limbs with his new chainsaw while I borrowed the neighbor's wheelbarrow and carried debris to the front. The mud didn't help matters much. Our shoes and jean legs were covered in grime, and every time I tried to move the wheelbarrow, I got stuck or made ruts across the yard. We ended up making as much progress as we could then going inside to rest. We scarfed down chicken wings and potato chips and crashed. It was only late afternoon but we had done so much so quickly we just had no more to give.

On Sunday, we ran a few errands then came home and finished the yard job. We still need to bundle the limbs for pickup but we decided to leave that for another day. Or we may just stuff the debris in trash cans until it's all gone. We also jump started my motorcycle so I could take it for a spin. It needs a new battery plus it's been sitting in the garage for so long. During my ride to Alcoa and back, it was a bit chilly and I really wished it was summer. And I'm not one that longs for the heat, but I sure did yesterday after our latest bouts with frigid temperatures, snow and ice. Finally, Pmo and I settled inside for the night, cooked and ate dinner, and watched the Grammys.

Today, I feel I've been a bit productive as well. I took the dogs for a walk, washed some dishes, got ready for work early, and now it's about time to head that direction. I forgot to eat lunch though, after the big bowl of Frosted Flakes I had this morning. So I guess I'll find something to eat before officially starting my Monday.

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Talina said...

You guys have to bundle your debris? I hope we aren't supposed to do that.

We have our debris out by the curb like everyone else on our street and we gave the usable firewood away to those who need it.

Funny thing is we are not beat just yet which is why I think the weather contributed to our bout of energy or something. Now I have spring fever and want to garden!