Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Plan at Hand

So here are the wedding plans so far: The plans are there ain't no plans. Just kidding. Grease reference there.

Anyway, Pmo and I are eloping this summer. We're not telling anyone when or where. But we do plan to have a party when we get back. I'm super excited. I bought a dress yesterday that I've been trying to track down online but I found it in Eville after looking through several stores and going back again. Now I'm looking for shoes. I haven't had any luck so far. I already own the jewelry I'm going to wear. And I plan to do my own flowers. I've already had offers from two of my cousins to help with that. I'm really lost on what to do with my hair. I figure I'll have to use some sort of an accessory (maybe flowers or a barette) to make it special because it's pretty short and I haven't tried to curl it in years. Besides I always end up looking like Shirley Temple if I do try to twirl the golden locks.

We already have a home in Newburgh so there will be no merging of the merchandise. We did that in August. My last name will change to Morris. Very easy transition and catchy I think. Our rings will be simple. Mine is a white gold band with diamonds. He hasn't picked his out yet but I know it will be traditional. He plans on wearing a suit to the ceremony and that's really all he has to do!

It will be beautiful and awesome and perfect. I can't wait to share pictures when it's all said and done. We're so very happy.

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Eric said...

I like the Mitzi Morris too.....