Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Roundup

I mostly shopped this weekend. We set out about 3pm each day and hit a few stores. The time leading up to departure each day was spent clipping coupons, doing laundry, reading the Sunday paper, and other household chores. We ate dinner at CiCi's on Saturday night. Good food, cheap price. On Sunday night, I cooked and blew up the oven. I was baking barbecue chicken and it had about a half hour to go when I heard this noise as I was peeling potatoes over the sink. A growling, churning sound. I turned around and it sounded like firecrackers were going off in the oven. I opened it up a little bit and sparks were flying so I shut the door and screamed. The heating element burned a hole in itself so I had to finish dinner on the range. During Sunday Night Football, I caught up on some Parade articles that I'd been neglecting over the past few weeks and flipped through a few catalogs while keeping tabs on the game. I'm not that big of a football fan, but I don't mind watching the last game of the week. It ties a nice little bow on my weekend.

I'm really not looking forward to today or tomorrow. We've got sleet and ice coming over the next 24 hours or so and it doesn't make for a very fun day in the news. Snow would be much easier to deal with but we're talking about black ice here. An abundance of accidents. Yay. I'm going to try to get some present wrapping in before I hit the shower and hit the road.

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