Friday, December 12, 2008

No Rest For The Weary

This has been the week of bad dreams.

My first bad dream is a cliffhanger. I'm riding in a Jeep along the oceanside in Hawaii or California. You know, one of those scenes you see in car commercials where the shoulder of the road is a huge drop off into the water below. I take a corner too fast and Bug, my dog, goes flying out of the Jeep and over the cliff. I scream and stop the Jeep but I'm helpless because I can't go tumbling down the cliff after him.

My second bad dream involves Jack, my other dog. Someone steps on him and crushes his ribs. And they won't move off of him. I scream, "YOU'RE CRUSHING MY DOG!"

My third bad dream vividly details my teeth falling out of my mouth. This is a recurring dream that started when my dental work began a few years ago. First, my recent crown, which is an entire tooth, tumbles out of my mouth into my hand and then the rest just kind of follow like dominoes. I'm bawling looking at the bloody teeth in my hand and no one else around me seems to care.

My fourth bad dream is a house fire. I'm walking outside of my mom and dad's house when I see space junk fall out of the sky and into the woods. Apparently, after I go inside the house, the woods catch on fire and the blaze spreads to the house. Mom and Dad try to get me out of the house, but, of course, the dogs are inside and I need to save them.

I'm not sure what any of that means. Except I've researched the teeth dream, since I've had it so many times, and it means I'm afraid of losing control. But other than that, I'm a little worried about my dogs being in peril all of the time. I hope next week's scenes of slumber are better.

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