Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Review

Saturday, we stayed in most of the day. It was very cold outside and we had our company Christmas party to attend later that evening so we decided to make that our only venture out. Our attempts at a holiday picture at home with the dogs was somewhat successful, though I got mad at one of the dogs by the end of it because he growled and me and wouldn't cooperate. I just wanted one more shot! I also bought tickets online for the Toby Keith concert in January. I got a little frustrated then, too, because I was anxious to get better seats than Sugarland, which were actually pretty good. I think I did okay but maybe next time I'll try to buy them one at a time and see if I can get closer. But then I run the risk of not sitting with the person I came with. Oh, well. Saturday night, we went to the Christmas party and hung out with all of our co-workers. The food was great and the entertainment was, well, entertaining. There were two gaming systems set up in different rooms so people were golfing, bowling, playing tennis, and rocking Guitar Hero. We were the first ones to arrive at 7pm and after a few beers and a lot of food I got pretty sleepy so we called it a night by 11pm.

Sunday, we decided to do a little Christmas shopping after perusing through all the ads in the newspaper. The Sunday paper is our guilty pleasure. It takes me hours to get through the whole thing and we always find something in the ads we think we have to have. Today's bargain purchase was a wireless computer mouse at Staples for only $9.99. We also hit PetSmart, Target, Walgreen's, and the Dollar tree, which is probably my favorite store ever because I'm cheap or frugal or thrifty or whatever you want to call it. So we scooped up some holiday gifts here and there and things we needed then came home. I cooked dinner and then he caught up with some family on the phone while I began the Christmas card process. I enjoy that very much. I don't spend too much time on them but I write some notes and send out as many pictures as I can. It can get expensive though so I watch it and try not get too carried away.

That's it. The Sunday night football game is over so that means my weekend is pretty much over. Though I'm lucky because my work day doesn't start until 2pm tomorrow.

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