Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Halloween spirit was alive and well in the Morris house this year. It's become a ritual for us to dress up and go out, put up decorations and carve pumpkins. We even got the dogs involved in our costumes this year.

And of course, we entertain trick or treaters if they come by. I like to invite our friends to bring their kids to our home. Most of my little cousins live in my hometown, and I’m never there to see them all dressed up. I only get to see pictures. And some of our friends don't have any family in town so it works out nicely.

This year, we were visited by Gavin, Everly and Bailey, plus some neighborhood kids. Not as many as last year but we may have missed some because we didn't get home until 4:30pm. Lucy couldn’t make it but her mom sent me a picture. Enjoy, I did!


Nathan said...

Thanks for having us over Mitzi! Initially we weren't going to do much since Everly is so young but then we figured why not :-) She enjoyed herself and crashed out as soon as she had her bath and got into bed. Maybe we should go trick or treating at your house every night!

Blasé said...

Just glad y'all made it out alive.