Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas

I've traveled somewhere for the holidays for as long as I can remember.
Whether it was between two sides of the family growing up, coming home from college, visiting my husband's relatives or simply the fact that I lived in another town...
I've always been on the road.

As I've grown older, it seems there are more places to go.
Between the two of us, there are 6 places to visit between Thanksgiving and New Year's.
This year, I'm fortunate enough to say we will be done by Christmas Eve.
And I will be home for Christmas.

We try to split up the holiday season as best we can.
We usually see most of my family around Thanksgiving and will see some again today at a birthday party.
We've already visited a few of his relatives on the weekends and just found out the last gathering will be on Christmas Eve.
Which means we don't have to get up and go on Christmas Day!
Can you tell how thrilled I am about this?

Though in a way it may seem sad to others, it's exciting to me for two reasons.
    1. I have to go into work around 10:30pm that night.
        I was afraid a day of traveling would cut my evening nap short if not completely.
        It's a huge relief that I will be able to get some rest.
    2. I've never spent Christmas in my own home unless I had to work.
        And I couldn't make it somewhere.
        That's such a gift when you've been on the go for so long.
        And you like staying at home.

We could probably still run over to see some of my family in the morning and get back at a decent hour.
But by that point, we will have seen everyone, handed out the gifts and been on our way.
So I'm going to take full advantage of this opportunity because it may not come around again for a long time.
When it does, it will probably be because we have no family left.
Or maybe we'll be hosting instead of hopping in the car.

The only problem now is that I have to come up with a holiday meal.
I'm thinking green bean casserole will be involved somehow.
Some kind of meat.
And pie.

Come to think of it, this may be more work than just going to someone's house!
Ah, but it will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Meekus! :)


Amy said...

You already know I totally understand this. I'm looking forward to being in my own home, looking at the tree that took four days to put up, and just relaxing. Enjoy your at home Christmas!