Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Give Love A Bad Name (And I Want To Punch You In The Face)

Disclaimer: I will most likely buy tickets to a Bon Jovi concert for my mom in the near future as a Christmas present (again) so PLEASE do not mention this blog post to her in any fashion. I just couldn't let this go. There is also some profanity. In case you don't like that. Or don't know me. At all.

I was reading comments on the KFC Yum! Center's Facebook page about Bon Jovi coming to Louisville, because I KNEW there would be some crappy a** remark about something or other. And I like to torture myself, apparently. So, of course, I found one.

This guy says, and I quote, "Great, let's just invite springstein too and have all the washed up musicians who got the vote for obama."

First of all, SPRINGSTEEN IS A LEGEND and anything but washed up. I feel extremely fortunate to have seen him in concert, and although I would have preferred some different song choices, he's "the boss". Seriously. Are you kidding me? THE BOSS.

Second, JON BON JOVI IS A GOD. The whole band rocks and is still together after all of these years. That's stamina. That's classic. That's epic. You don't insult that and you certainly don't eff with it. Washed up? Really? So that's why he/they keep making albums and selling out stadiums, huh? A GOD.

And third, OBAMA WON, ROMNEY LOST. Yes, Springsteen stumped for Obama, but I could care less. Bon Jovi may have, too, I don't know. I'm so sick of this crap. Why do these people have to turn everything into an effing political fight? GET THE F*** OVER IT.

I don't pin all of my hopes and dreams on politicians.
So I'm not devastated, bitter or lost without any sense of direction when they lose.
I also don't blame other people or the government for my problems.
I prefer to be a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of girl.

I believe what I believe.
You believe what you believe.
Agree to disagree.

But when you take something sacred, like a concert, by one of my favorite groups, in the world, of all time, and turn it into some pissing match about liberals vs conservatives, I take serious effing issue.

Most people would say the best thing to do is ignore people like that.
Don't buy into the argument, don't fuel their fire.

But then they get away with it.

And I HATE when people get away with things like that, just because you're supposed to "take the high road" or "be the better person". In the meantime, they get to say whatever the hell they want without repercussions, responsibility or even accountability.

I'll ignore it and let it go.
After I post this blog, of course.

(What Would Bon Jovi Do?)

Hmmm, I know.

♫ When the world gets in my face, I say, HAVE A NICE DAY! ♫

Ah, all better now.

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