Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Open Letter to Mass Murderers and Perverts

This is not a joke about Hostess. 
I'm not running out and buying up the last supply at Schnucks.
I've had "Cloud Cakes" and knockoff Ding Dongs.
I think we'll all be just fine.

This is not a rant about the election.
Obama won.
Other people you may not have voted for won.
Life goes on.
Get over it.
Focus on the future.
Quit wallowing.
Suck it up.

This is a fedup, can't-stand-it, so-tired-of-this-crap, what-kind-of-a-country-am-I-living-in, realization.

But let me say this first: I read many, many, many, many stories about domestic violence, drug deals gone bad, junkie arrests, etc., where people end up dead or severely altered for the rest of their lives. I'm pretty numb to it all by this point. But at least, in these situations, I get it. There is a relationship involved between a husband and wife, druggies run in the same circles, etc. There's some sort of understanding of what happened and why. Not a justification. But an understanding. And even with the methheads or other drug addicts, in general, they're only hurting themselves, if you don't count what they do to their family and friends psychologically.

What I don't get it is these mass shootings/plans for mass shootings and child molestors/child pornographers/people who possess child pornography. These people are the most sick, twisted, selfish, delusional people in the world. They take innocent, precious lives and either end them or ruin them for eternity.

If you have homicidal thoughts, seek treatment. We have plenty of services out there designed for this kind of thing. All kinds of people with bleeding hearts who want to touch your soul and get down to the bottom of what causes you to think like that. I am not one of those people. But they're out there, trust me.

If you have sexual thoughts about someone who is not a consenting adult, seek treatment and read above. Yes, I know. Most likely, these people were also sexually abused and they don't know any better than to perpetuate the cycle, blah blah blah. But if you realize that, can't you also realize that it is wrong? That it made you feel awful and now you're passing that on that trauma to an INNOCENT HUMAN BEING???

I think these things are more important to address right now than whether a business is required to pay for its female employees' birth control. Or allowing illegal immigrants to live in this country. Or where in the hell Obama was born.

I don't have the answers. Well, I do. But they're not well thought out or even legal. But someone's got to have the solution, right? We have some really smart people in this country. It's America! Can't we come up with something? Are we allowed to screen people for perversion and homicidal tendencies at an early age? Like a standardized test? Something that would show "the warning signs"? Then we could nip it in the bud early. We have all kinds of other requirements/policies/restrictions/laws to be able to live and work in this society. Or, wait, I'm sorry, is that a violation of civil rights?

Because I tell you what: the victims of mass shootings and sexual abuse have rights, too.
Or at least they did before this crap happened to them.

They have a right to go about their business.
They have a right not to be bothered.
They have a right to feel safe.
They have a right to live.

And I have a right to say something about it.

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Rachel F said...

Amen. This is exactly how I feel.