Sunday, December 19, 2010


My mother. Whether she has $10 or $100 to spend on presents, she nails it every time. We had our Christmas early yesterday because Pmo and I are going to Kentucky next weekend. And I just had to share some of the genius that is Eva D.

She gave me and Pmo Oreo themed coffee mugs and packages of Double Stuf Oreos. Yeah, we love us some Oreos. Pmo got a set of steel pennies from 1943 and a book on Abe Lincoln. I got a pug napkin holder and a Gone with the Wind book. Our most awesome joint gifts were a wine cooler and an electric wine opener with a chiller. Yeah, we like us some wine, too. Duh. But I have been looking at wine coolers for months in the Target ads, so it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind. In case you didn’t know, wine is supposed to be stored on its side somewhere between 48-58 degrees. Our bottles have been upright in a corner cabinet. A fridge is really too cold, that’s why a cellar or cooler is ideal. Actually, different types of wine are supposed to be chilled at various temperatures. But I digress.

I can’t speak for Pmo but my favorite gift has got to be my lapdesk. I had one when I was younger that was basically a bean bag with a flat surface on top and a place for a pencil. You could use it sitting on the floor or in a chair. Actually, I think I went through more than one. My new lapdesk has a light and a built-in wrist pad. It’s a purple/pink color with a leopard print and stuffed like a pillow.

It could not be a more perfect gift for me. If I’m not sleeping, doing laundry or cleaning the house, I’m in this recliner. Yes, I eat here, too. But most of the time I’m on the computer and watching TV. Sometimes I write to-do lists, grocery lists or balance my checkbook and I need a light. But the one beside me is kind of harsh and blinds Pmo on the couch. Now I have it all, right here in this lovely lapdesk.

So kudos to Mom and here’s to a mother knowing her daughter. She gave me a gift I didn’t even know I wanted, yet I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first. On top of that, it’s a throwback to my childhood and the magic of Christmas. That is the making of a great present.

Sidenote: I just asked Pmo what his favorite gift was and he said the camo foldup camping chair :)

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