Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Past

This is a picture from 14WFIE's Christmas party in 2006. Perry and I had our first date at this event. I got the urge to find this picture after my mom gave me a picture frame that said "Christmas 2006" because she knew that's when we started dating. Problem is, I didn't have a camera back then. Ironically, I got one for Christmas that year but it was after the fact. So I started hunting down co-workers who might have caught us on tape. Sure enough, Stefanie Silvey came through, and now I have the picture. Sans red eye.

This weekend, yet another WFIE Christmas party rolls around. It would be my 6th but I skipped a year, so just 5 parties for me. Several, several more for Pmo. It's been downsized from a formal gala at the country club to an intimate gathering at the general manager's home. But there's good food and it's still a lot of fun. I also just found out that our favorite bar is having karaoke Saturday night. They recently came under new management, and karaoke is hard to come by now. So I'm super psyched and looking forward to having lots of fun with my husband and our friends.

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Talina @ Harvest Of Daily Life said...

We missed you at the party. We love the certain douche-bag someone scowling at us though. LOL.