Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bits of Gratitude

To Mom for the music. She got me started on 8 tracks of Blondie, Elvis, and more. And she's still rockin'.

To Dad for the endurance. He always told me, "it will be here before you know it" when it came to getting my driver's license, going to college, and my 21st birthday.

To Joni for the innocence. We've come a long way but we'll always remember where we came from.

To Sunni for the laughter. It's infectious and it makes me smile. Plus her jokes are soooooo funny.

To Holly for the variety. If it wasn't for her, I would have never known the likes of The Hush Sound, This Providence, or We are the Fury.

To Rachel for the rowdiness. Wild nights at Lamasco. Cool nights by the fire pit. Lots of beer in between.

To Ann for the wisdom. She once told me, "when your happiness means something to you, you'll know what to do." And she was right.

To Perry for the adventure. Several trips are behind us, but we have many more to go. And lots of fun in between.



sj said...

i am pretty funny, aren't i?

love you, sister mitzimarysuemalonemorris!

Rachel Folz said...

Thank you for being rowdy with me. In all realness, you are a good friend that knows how to listen and let it go.

That is hard to find.

Paperback Writer said...

glad i can provide you variety!! i heart you!!