Friday, January 6, 2017


I'd have to say I'm fairly cozy today. I was off work so after I took care of some chores, I set off to complete a task that required a bit of a drive and treated myself to lunch somewhere new. Then I refueled at a coffee shop in the hopes of not lapsing into a nap this afternoon. When I got home, I did some more to-do's on the 'ol computer and have continued to sit upstairs in my "office" ever since, frankly because it's warmer up here than downstairs. I've had a shower, my hair is fixed, a rarity if I don't have anywhere to be. And we're about to get a big snow, big at least for this area.

I watch the comings and goings of the neighborhood out of my window. The mail truck has come and gone. The school bus rolled by, though I don't think it's the last one I'll see this afternoon. I also watch what's happening in this room. My new paw print lamp is lit up. I have a candle burning. Two black dogs are lying right beside my chair, just waiting for me to hit the couch or bed so they can pile on top of me. But because I'm trying not to sleep, and I have on a cream-colored shirt that's currently free of dog hair, I stay seated. I might even move over to my grandma's glider and read a book, still fighting that nap.

I'm also listening to the news from the bedroom. Another mass shooting. One more reason to get lost in that book. It looks like it's starting to rain now. I can see windshield wipers swaying back and forth on the passing cars. Snowmeggdon is on the way. So is my husband.

I can hear the laundry downstairs tumbling. When it stops, I'll know it's time to put it away. I hate that part. But it must be done. That's about all that must be done today, if that even. Well, dinner has to be made. Some chicken tortellini, a little garlic bread, small salad and a glass of wine. Or two. And not long after, the sleep monster, he'll come for me when I just can't keep my eyes open anymore.

Yes, I'd have to say I'm quite cozy today.

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