Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Hustle

It's about to get seven kinds of crazy at the Morris household.

'Tis a busy time of the year for us, not unlike most families across this nation of ours. Last weekend we celebrated a co-worker's new job in Mississippi and did a whole lotta leaf rakin'. This weekend, we'll take it easy and try to knock a few tasks off the immediate to-do list. But next week starts the holiday zipline toward New Year's Day and what I like to call, January boredom.

Next week:
Dad's birthday (technically it's Sunday but I'm counting it 'cause I need to go buy a present)
My birthday (35! I think we're going to dinner) followed by Thanksgiving at my cousin's, Thanksgiving with Pmo's family (just him going), baby shower (just me going), dinner and game night with our Folz and Lyman friends, overnight stay in Indy then a Colts game!
Thank God I have that next Monday off.

Looking ahead:
Christmas party at Burdette Park
Bill Cosby live at the Centre
Mamma Mia! also at the Centre
My cousin's birthday party
My friend's son's birthday party
Mom's birthday
Christmas gathering with Pmo's family (actually three separate events)
Christmas with my family
New Year's Eve shenanigans

Not to mention making a Christmas gift list, buying said gifts, wrapping them, putting up fall d├ęcor, getting out Christmas decorations, taking Dad's cooker back in the truck, giving Jack a haircut...

I'm tired just thinking about it. But like I said, then January will get here and we won't know what to do with ourselves. Besides getting ready for February sweeps. Oy.

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