Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lead On

I just completed my first news leadership class. I traveled to North Carolina on Wednesday and returned home Saturday, after hitting up the P!nk concert in Louisville. I met some great people within the company and learned a lot already.

It was also exhausting. Staying awake for 3-4 days straight is no easy task when you're a vampire. I did get a nap in after I got to the hotel on Wednesday before dinner. But after that, no more naps. And the flights weren't long enough for me to fall asleep. Thursday night, I crashed right after dinner. I had no energy for Facebook or reading or anything I usually do in my "free time".

The plane rides were interesting for someone who rarely flies and had never flown alone. I had two instances where pain shot through my forehead or jaw during the descent. The forehead one was awful. I thought fluid might pop out of my head and I was close to bawling. Other than that, everything went pretty smoothly and I'm thinking about flying to the next class in Alabama in June.

This week, I'll be gone again at the end of the week. Bon Jovi concert is Thursday. In Louisville. What can I say, I can't stay away. Pmo and I will be taking Mom with us on this one. Then things should calm down a little bit until next month. Another concert. Another trip, this time to the Keys!

Speaking of concerts, Tom Petty is coming to the Ford Center in May. Gotta search for a presale password!

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