Monday, April 23, 2012

Top 10 Moments in Memphis

10. Mom looking in both directions every time went over a bridge to see if she could get a glimpse of whatever river we were crossing.

9. About 60 miles outside of Memphis at an intersection after eating lunch:
Mom (looking north): “I can see Memphis from here…”
Me (pointing south): “I find that hard to believe because it’s this way.”

8. Watching the Peabody ducks that we had talked about and seen a long, long time ago on “Coach” then stealing the drink napkins someone else had used before we left.

7. Ordering drinks before dinner at Pig on Beale:
Mom: “Water.”
Me: “Bud Light.”
Waitress (to me): “Can I see your ID?”
Mom: “You wanna see my ID, too?”
Me: “For water?”

6. Both of us packing a snack bag, including Cheez-its, without the other one knowing.

5. Having 3 TV channels in the motel that continuously played Elvis movies and catching the end of each one.

4. Both of us being ready for bed well before by 9pm.

3. Watching Mom take in Graceland from the ticket stub to the gravesite.

2. Seeing many horse carriage rides with dogs in the front seat, but only one with a pug.

1. The pizza buffet/game place: I don’t even know how to say this and be politically correct so I’ll just explain what happened as best I can. A woman working there (who happened to be outside on a smoke break when I dropped Mom off then parked the car) let us eat for free. Why? We don’t know. But after we got our food and sat down, we realized we were the only white people in the entire place. It reminded me of that Eddie Murphy skit on SNL called “White Like Me”. Watch it, it’s funny.


Amy said...

You and your mom seem to have as much fun as my Mom & I do together.

On a side note- congrats on getting carded! :)

Lucy and Lloyd said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time! I loved the Peabody ducks, too! :)

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