Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'd Do Anything For...

I am not one to be scared of storms. I suppose if I had lived through a bad one, I'd feel differently. Sort of like if I was in a terrible car wreck, I'd be afraid to get back on the road. But since I've never done either, they aren't big concerns of mine. Which I find ironic because I'm also not fond of things I can't control.

Friday was different. We had just had a tornado through Newburgh on Wednesday morning. And on this day, the entire tri-state was under a high risk. Not slight, not moderate, HIGH. Absolute certainty that the you-know-what was going to hit the fan.

I got home from work around 10:30am and started to put a plan into action. My first thought was to get the SUV in the garage if I could. Even if we didn't get a tornado, hail could really mess up my semi-new car. So I manipulated the riding lawnmower and two motorcycles in our 1 car garage and managed to get the Forester in there. It was a tight fit for sure, and I was pretty proud of myself. Then I got the mattress off the guest bed and dragged it into the bathroom for emergency cover in the tub. By the time I was done, we were in wall to wall coverage on TV and the dark terror was on its way.

I was in an extreme dilemma at this point because I needed to go to sleep. I'd been up since 10pm the night before. But I couldn't nap because there was severe weather all around me. And to top it all off, Bug was at the vet for all day glucose monitoring. That's what freaked me out the most. Although he would most likely be out of harm's way, the idea that I couldn't protect him if something happened really got to me.

In the end, we lucked out again and didn't even have damage, which I can't believe because we have a lot of trees and almost always have big branches fall. I ended up staying up all day and even went out for dinner and drinks with friends that night. I was awake, barely, for 26 hours straight! It definitely helped me sleep through Friday night though, which I often find difficult.

So many others were less fortunate, and I've been thinking about that all weekend. And as I read stories that keep coming in about survival and loss, I take special interest in those about pets. I read a few where dogs were discovered underneath the debris of flattened homes. I read another where a woman took shelter in her basement while her dogs were in the garage. They all survived.

The way other people handle their pets during disasters confuses me. I don't know their situations but I'm pretty confident that I would put my life on the line for my dogs. I would not leave them behind if our house caught on fire. I think I would run out into traffic to prevent them from getting hit by a car. And I'd have them with me in the bathtub during a tornado. Heck, I've already done that. I think this picture is from our last tornado scare.

I'm sure I would do anything in my power to make sure they were not separated from me because they're helpless. I can't justify letting them get hurt or die because they're "just dogs".

Take Bug for example. He's not just a dog. He's an old man. Not only does he have arthritis and diabetes, but we learned Friday that he has cataracts. So add daily (and lifelong) eye drops to his routine of an arthritis pill and insulin shots. He's high maintenance, that Bugton. But he's doing pretty good. I've had a lot of people ask about him and I appreciate the concern.

Now that the storms have cleared (and there's snow on the way, good grief) we are all ready for some R&R in the mountains. We're cabin bound, going back to north Georgia this week with dogs in tow. This time, we're going to let Bug rest and take Jack on some outdoor adventures. It's less stressful and not as time consuming waiting on Bug to catch up. And not as painful if I don't have to carry him. Ugh.

Throw in some wine, the hot tub, meals off the grill, a roaring fireplace, my Kindle, good music... ahhhhhhh.

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Amy said...

I cannot understand leaving the dogs behind either. When we have tornado warnings, the dogs go into the closet with us. As do a couple of their toys, just so they are more comfortable. I put their leashes on them and keep a death grip on them. (Our bathtub is on the 2nd floor, so not an option). Our weather wasn't supposed to roll in until late afternoon, and I kept hoping I'd be home from work in time. I was terrified all afternoon that the dogs were home alone.

Enjoy your vacation!