Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Homefront

It happens every year. Pretty plants and colorful flowers start popping up all over the place. In people's yards, at home improvement stores. And I get the idea that I can magically reinvent myself as a gardener.

I forget the fact that whenever I plant something, I don't take care of it. It looks good for a few days, maybe even weeks. But it always dies. It's a combination on my lack of knowledge and little effort.

So this year, I decided to be true to myself and go simple. I still like the look of mulch and I don't have to maintain it too much, so I got the idea from a friend to line the area in front of the porch with bricks to keep the mulch from escaping with the rain. And just using lawn decor.

Mom started me off with a solar light in the shape of a caila lilly. I bought another flower looking light at Target. I added a couple of little mushrooms and that's as far as I've gone. I'm thinking of letting others areas I used to mulch grow some grass. Unless I find some more decor to put out.

In other news, we're planning a trip east soon. Gettysburg, DC, Williamsburg and VA Beach. I've got the hotel rooms booked but that's about as far as I've gone with that, too. I need to make an itinerary. I'm also spending a weekend at a casino with some girlfriends. That should be a good time.

This is supposed to be a "long" weekend for most people, but of course I have to work Monday. I'm trying to mix a little bit of chores with a little bit of fun. We've got a big tree branch down in the yard we have to cut up. Grass needs mowed. Laundry needs washed. Carpet needs vacuumed. But it's supposed to be warmer so I also want to get out the bicycle and/or motorcycle and have a little adventure.

That's the scoop on the homefront!

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Amy said...

I kind of do the same thing. I get so inspired when we go to the nursery, and then I remember- I don't like digging in dirt. I forget to water. So I need things that take care of themselves. Because Erich's just as bad as I am! We've gone with begonias this year, and so far-they've lasted more than a month and still look pretty!

Enjoy your trip East- sounds like fun! Gettysburg is amazing.