Friday, January 28, 2011

Rest in Peace?


My eyes slowly lift from a sound sleep.
My ears hone in on a desperate whine coming from the living room.

I usually don't hear such things.
Either the noises aren't made or the fan I use for white noise works.
I didn't turn on the fan today.

I get up to see what's wrong. The noise is coming from Jack. It's a much different whine than I'm used to. His head is slightly down, tail wagging. I suddenly remember both dogs ate a bowl of food right before I went to bed. So this must be an EPC, emergency poot cry.

I begrudgingly throw on a coat and take the dogs outside. The sun is bright and I wish I had grabbed sunglasses. I walk around the backyard with Jack on a leash, leaving Bug to his own accord. Jack trots around and Bug is the one who ends up pooting. This, of course, does not make me happy since Jack started the whole thing.

We go back in the house. I declare "no treats!" because I'm so irritated with the whole disturbance, and I lie down again. A few minutes later, I realize I too must go to the bathroom. I get up and take care of that, then lie down. Again.

A few minutes later, I hear thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Sounds like someone is pounding a hammer on a roof. But no one would start working on a roof at 4pm on a Friday. Then I put 2 and 2 together: weekend + plus warmer temperatures = basketball kid. He's a teenager two doors down from us who's almost always out pounding the pavement when it's warm. A few expletives run through my head and under my breath I murmur, effing basketball kid. I finally give up the fight and retreat to the living room.
****I don't sleep as long on Fridays so I can attempt to sleep through the night. So I was going to get up in an hour or so anyway. But it's still annoying. Soon, Pmo will be home. I'll have to put on my happy face and gear up for dinner. Maybe he can talk me out of getting up at 3:30am Saturday morning to play basketball in front of my neighbor's house.****


Amy said...

oooh we have one of those basketball kids too! Up and down the street, dribbling the ball, all effing day. The whine you mentioned was not what I thought it would be. I thought they would be whining like 'Mommmmm....we know you're home... why aren't you playing with us?'

Nathan said...

I had a basketball hoop on my house and so did my friend next door. Between our two driveways we were always out thumping the basketball, much to my Mom's annoyance. She especially hated it when she was trying to take a nap so this story sounds all too familiar.

Talina said...

Someone else has a douchebag neighbor? I say go for the 3 am game :-P