Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Wrapup

We had our reception over the weekend at our house in Newburgh. Our family and friends enjoyed chicken and potatoes prepared and cooked on the grill by my parents. They worked their butts off, they always do. I don't know what I would do without them. The weather turned out just perfect. In fact, it was pretty cool all morning. I wasn't sure if we'd even see the sun, but it eventually came out. We had some yard games for the kids and a lot of good conversation and catching up. Even though I was busy, I had a good time and it reminded me of the parties we used to have at home. I hope we can do it again. Next time, I want to play volleyball!

Pmo's mom and stepdad stayed with us all weekend, so we've been entertaining them and showing them around town. We're starting to get back to normal and my to-do list is no longer consumed by wedding tasks. Now it's all about trip planning, finding a dentist, getting a haircut, and other tedious things. This weekend, we travel to Cincy for my sorority sister's wedding. I haven't seen many of those girls in a long time, so it should be fun. Then I think we'll relax for awhile and really settle into married life. I'm so glad we already have a house and a routine. There's really no adjustment period, besides me getting used to my new name. In fact, we've been in our house almost a year already. We'll celebrate that anniversary in just a few weeks.

I feel like making a New Year's resolution in July. I really need to get into shape, lose some weight, and figure out a hairstyle. I thought I could learn to live with the extra pounds I've acquired but I just hate when I look at pictures and see my bulges. I know I could look better but it's going to take a lot of discipline and willpower. More exercise, less food. It's a pretty simple concept. Hopefully, I can find an activity I enjoy and stick with it. And the food, well, that's probably the most difficult part. Saying no when I want so bad to say yes!

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